Additional Information: 2021-2022 JLN Community Partnership Funding Ballot

The desired community outcomes for JLN’s Literacy focus are:

1. Increase access to literary materials for at-risk children and their families.
2. Increase access to educational support programs for at-risk children and their families.
3. Identify and minimize the achievement gaps that exist for at-risk children in order to increase public support for initiatives that close those gaps.

The desired community outcomes for JLN’s Human Trafficking focus are:

1. Provide educational opportunities and informational materials to key influencers to raise awareness of the issue and promote the ways in which human trafficking can be prevented.
2. Increase access to programs that can prevent an increase in the number of human trafficking victims.
3. Increase access to programs that assist survivors of human trafficking to begin recovery.

JLN will have volunteer opportunities with all partners listed below.

The 2020-2021 Board of Directors presents the recommendation for funding for JLN community partners, to be ratified by membership.

This slate for funding is available for voting as of today, February 23; all votes cast must be finalized by 5 PM on March 8, 2021.

These grants support a variety of programming at our community partner agencies, including trainings, classes, camps and events. They also support our community partners by providing supplies and outreach opportunities

Please note: Active members in good standing are eligible to vote. A quorum of 10% of Active members must vote YES for the funding to be approved.

JLN and the community partner execute a contract outlining the terms of the partnership and funding received. If the terms of the contract are not met, JLN reserves the right to withhold or withdraw funding, which the Board of Directors may redirect to align with community outcomes in human trafficking and literacy.

Proposed Funding for Literacy Partners

Funding Amount $4,950

Preston Taylor Ministries
Funding Amount $2,000

Book ‘em 1 – Reading is Fundamental
Funding Amount $10,285

Book ‘em 2 – Book Program for Kids
Funding Amount $3,500

McNeilly Center
Funding Amount $8,000

Moves and Grooves
Funding Amount $5,000

Safe Haven Family Shelter
Funding Amount $8,000

Youth Villages
Funding Amount $7,500

Proposed Funding for Human Trafficking Partners

Epic Girl
Funding Amount $3,900

Monroe Harding
Funding Amount $7,500

Renewal House
Funding Amount $4,930

Sexual Assault Center
Funding Amount $5,000

Oasis Center
Funding Amount $6,000

You Have the Power
Funding Amount $10,000

End Slavery Tennessee
Funding Amount $7,665

Expenses Incurred by Members at End Slavery Tennessee
Funding Amount $1,500

Proposed Funding for Background Checks

Background Checks
Funding Amount $480

Total Proposed Funding
Funding Amount $96,210